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Who are we?

We are an organization recognized in Guatemala of entrepreneurs promoting solidarity among Guatemalans for the full realization of the right to education of children and youth from families with limited financial resources, in order to have greater opportunities for the realization of a worthy life, through a program of consolidated and sustainable scholarships.

Bk Scholarship Foundation believes that one of the most sensitive issues of development of the country is related to education, one of its greatest challenges the first grade, where the highest rates of dropout and repetition are recorded. To meet this challenge, scholarship programs were created for children from low income gain admission to the national education system.

Scholarships BK began its activities in January 2004, with contributions from private companies and friends, for a total of 120 scholarships this year. It was possible to expand the program two years and decided to formally constitute the foundation to continue the project and expand the sources of funding and scholarships coverage.