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Scholarship Program

The Fellowship program encourages parents to send their children to school to take the opportunity to study, relieving them of the costs that this entails. strategy:

1. Establish contact with institutions and individuals for financial resources to annually increase the number of scholarships and support them during the six years of primary education, and expand the possibilities of education as the foundation.

2. Channel providing scholarships through educational non-profit institutions that are recognized, prestigious and can monitor their work and results.

Program Description:

Currently, the Scholarship Program is to provide a scholarship Q465.00 per child per year. This covers various expenses, as needed: registration, purchase of supplies and educational materials, uniforms and others. The program supports children in first through sixth grade, trying to keep the scholarship until they complete the six grades of primary education.

Providing scholarships is done through educational institutions, non-profit, prestige, experience and coverage in rural and marginal urban areas.

Since 2014, BK Scholarship Foundation will continue to support education, providing scholarships to a total of 500 students who excelled baseline for good academic qualification in his notes. The support basic scholarship is Q950.00 covering the areas of school supplies, educational materials, uniforms, computer course, technical workshops and strengthening academic course that is performed Extra classroom.



-currently Manage 1,562 scholarships distributed as follows:

• Project "Promoting Education for a better future" - 1,000 scholarships primary.
• Project Grants for young students basic level - basic 500 scholarships.
• Project "Other funding sources" - 62 scholarships primary. (pending)